Last week I wrote about the number of users on Twitter—about 24.5 to 34.5 million US adults. According to Amir Efrata, Google+ has  20 million unique visitors in the first 3 week (the numbers were reported July 20, 2011). Google+ has an international number of users nearing Twitters US users. The US Google+ population is, of course, smaller the—only about 5.31 million. So, Google+ has only 25-21% of numbers of US Twitter users, in only 3 weeks. I suspect Google+ surpass Twitter’s numbers of US users by the end of 2011.  This also means almost 74% if Google+ users are outside the US. Here are some numbers:

  • India: 2.85 million users
  • UK: 0.87 million users
  • Canada: 0.86 million users
  • Germany: 0.71 million users
  • Brazil: 0.62 million users

I wonder how much the numbers have changed in the past 2 weeks?

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