Georgia's 8 license Plate choicesIf you are a Georgian, or interested in influencing design, go vote for the next Georgia license plate. You have until August 8th at 3 pm. For those of us watching the contest, this is a somewhat amusing revote. The original vote ended July 8th and three finalists were selected. Each of the finalists had the phrase “In God We Trust” on them (this blog post by Richard the friendly atheist has images of the three finalists). The “In God We Trust” phrase was only an optional sticker and not part the actual design, according to Revenue Commissioner Doug MacGinnitie in the AJC. It seems that this phrase led to phrase-based voting. Aaron Gould Sheinin in the AJC article on the revote, states that

On websites, supporters of IGWT [“In God We Trust”] urged followers to flood the vote and to cast multiple ballots. Opponents of including the phrase did the same.

I’m glad the “In God We Trust” phrase is an optional sticker and am glad we can decide if we want this on our license plate. Religious views aside, we do have religious freedom in this country and should be allowed the choice to have phrases relating to God on our license plate. And that ends my religious/political 2 cents.

These eight finalists, according to Sheinin in the AJC article on the revote, were “were chosen as semifinalists by art and design professors.” They did not ask me, and I’m not thrilled by the options. As Richard the friendly atheist points out, one of the options (Tag Id #3), looks like a horse’s rear end with a peach leaf as tail. Tag Id #8 has too much detail, which will be lost and/or hard to read at any distance. Tag Id #1 also has a lot of detail on the peaches, which will be lost. Id Tag #2 has the most contrast, as long as the peach in the middle is not written over. Contrast is quite bad in Tag Id #6; I hope no kidnappers have cars with these plates. Contrast is decent in Tag Ids 4, 5, and 7, and okay on 3 when not over the horse butt/peach. I like the typeface best in #4 and the lighter colors in 4 and 7. I like the peaches in 4 and 7 too. The skyline in 7 is nice, but the detail will be lost and 7 just doesn’t look like a license plate to me. I voted for #4, but am not completely happy with this vote. Which did you vote for?

vote confirm pageAfter you vote, a video of Doug MacGinnitie pops up thanks you for voting. The quality of the video is not great (there is a clear cut in it and the shadow of the person filming), but it is a nice touch. However, it does not let one go back to the vote page to see the choices again, which is unfortunate. This page would be a better “vote confirmed page” if it confirmed the number you voted for and also showed at least thumbnails of each plate again, so you can view the choices, even if you can’t vote again. This way people will not go off site to see the 8 choices.

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