In the forthcoming Screen Space 18: Usability & Usability Testing 101 Part 4— Preparing the Testing, I discuss recruiting and paying participants in usability testing (I’ll post the episode Monday August 6th at 12:01 am). Google, with its huge popularity, doesn’t even need to do their own recruiting. This blog post on a Google usability study of a Google Maps product recruits participants for Google, just by passing on the news. As Barry Schwartz states in the post, Google is paying the 5-7 people it will select their choice of a “$100 Amazon gift certificate, $100 Google Store credit, or $100 donation to your favorite charity.” Which would you choose?

The blog post does a good job of advertising the testing, and works well as an example of a call for participants for usability testing or usability studies. It also shows us how much Google is paying for 1:15 hours of a user’s time. The post suggests that Google with have lots of participants interested and signing up for the testing, as there is an emphasis on “if you are picked.” I think many of us in usability have the opposite problem—getting enough testers…

So, check this out as an example call for testers for those of you thinking of doing a usability test and those of you following the Usability and Usability Testing 101 series.

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