In Screen Space (the podcast) #6, I covered tips for designing for colorblind users. In case some of you are not listening to the podcast and not reading the very long transcripts, I wanted to pull out some of the cool tools and repost them in a shorter (and easier to skim and find) blog entry. But, you really should listen to the podcast! It rocks (and I am not biased at all).

There are two particularly cool and helpful tools I have found for checking or choosing the color of your websites for colorblind users. Tools like these can help you to improve the accessibility of your sites. Plus, they are fun to play with.

  • See what your page looks like to colorblind users: Vischeck offers two tools for web site designers concerned with making their sites usable to those who are color blind. The Vischeck tool stimulates how websites look to people with various types of color blindness and the Daltonize tool is a color blind image correction algorithm.
  • Select colors that work for colorblind users: The Color Scheme Generator allows you to select colors schemes and see how they look with 8 different types of color blindness. This is very handy and quite fun to play with.

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