My panel for C&W 2008 was I.4; Recasting Writing: Teaching, Learning, and Support in Databases, Wikis, and Video . However, the two other speakers did not show up. So, it was just me.

My paper title was “The Five Canons, Audience, and Earbuds: Adding Podcasting to the Computers and Writing Classroom”. I did the presentation with PowerPoint slides as my outline (as I often do); and the slides and the handout of podcasting resources for those in C&W are available on my academic site.

The major points of my presentation (and the conclusions) were that podcasting

  • Fits into the goals of a C&W classroom
  • Provides new ways for students to consider, rethink, understand, and apply old concepts
  • Is easy to incorporate
  • Leads to improved writing and investment

I promised the audience some resources on music for podcasts, and I have yet to put that together, but will do so soon (and post it here).

The presentation went quite well. I have about half an hour of interesting and interested questions after–quite a success. The C&W people audio recorded the presentation for a podcast, but I have not heard anything about it yet. I will link to it when it becomes available.

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