Verdana is a great typeface for screen use, and it works especially well in small sizes and on small screens.  Verdana was actually designed to be highly readable and legible on computer screens. In fact, as it was particularly designed to have high readability is small sizes, it is a wise choice for any screen text is smaller sizes—such as texts read on cell phone, tablets, and smaller screens. As a sans serif typeface is gives a modern and technical feel, but the letter characters have a bit of style, making it less plain than some sans serifs. So, Verdana works well for blog, websites, and digital media dealing with technology that don’t want a plain feel. As it is a larger sized typeface (wider characters, high x-heights,…) it also works well for audiences that have vision issues, including older users. So, consider Verdana for your modern and techy websites, blogs and digital media or anything you want to be easy to read on screen.

For more info & from: Typeface of the Week: Verdana–a “verdant” choice for screen text!

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