One of the signs of a novice web designer is an untitled web page. Page titles are key for webpages. They show up in the title bar in most browser windows, the label of a browser tab, as the first information listed for the page in search results, in the browser’s history, as the bookmark name, and in other locations. So, make sure your websites have page title. Make them clear and concise. This is not place for an academic titles. Users should be able to identify the site by the first few words of the title. Keep the title to about 65 characters, as most search engines only list the first 65, but remember tabs and other things will display even less. Make the title reflect the site’s purpose and content and use words users will use when searching for your site.

A decent example is my page title “Screen Space: A blog and podcast abut users, texts, and technology,” although those last words are very general. This is 66 characters long and on a tab I get at least Screen and often Space and more.

A poor title would be “My fabulous blog and podcast about users, texts, and technology: Screen Space.” This is longer; has unneeded info like “my” and “fabulous;” and the name of the site is last and would not show up in search engine results, tabs or other things where characters are limited.

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