This interesting video brings out some concepts that the writer’s strike is making us deal with now concerning the value of online content and writers’ rights. The big media companies say that it is “too soon” to place value on online content and that the writers should not be paid when their content is used online. However, as this video points out, there have already been lawsuits based on the use of online content (Viacom suing Google for one billion dollars for using their content online) and Viacom stating that they are earning half a billion a year in digital revenues from downloads and ad sales. So it appears Viacom and others have begun pricing this online content, even if they do not want to pay their writers for it.

The outcome of this strike could have profound impact on digital content and and the value of the content providers/creators/authors. This strike could impact not only the contracts of Hollywood writers, but also how we use the Internet to access content that originated in other media. This should be very interesting.

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