Call for Panel and Paper Proposals: IEEE International Professional Communication Conference 2008 (IPCC 2008)

Conference Theme: Opening the Information Economy

Conference Location: Concordia University, Montréal, Canada Conference Website:

The information economy is based on the collection and the exchange of data and ideas. We all either contribute to or use materials from the information economy in most aspects of our everyday lives. Thus, the information economy exists as an environment in which we are all contributors and consumers. Within this system, effective communication is essential to success and means individuals can contribute ideas and information effectively and can make efficient use of the goods and services. Few of us, however, understand all of the nuances of the information economy or the communication factors that affect its operations.

This conference seeks to “open” this economic model by examining the connections between communication practices and the products, practices, and services that constitute the information economy. The objective of such an examination will be to help attendees better understand and participate in the information economy as both contributors and consumers.

The conference will take place on the campus of Concordia University in Montréal, Canada, and will consist of paper presentations and panel discussions that focus on various communication, design, social, and cultural aspects of the information economy.

Possible Topic Areas
Suggested topic areas include but are not limited to the following: • Establishing and assessing the value of knowledge work and knowledge products • Information design, usability, and accessibility • Virtual teams, online collaboration, and distributed models of work • Cross-cultural communication, globalization, outsourcing, translation, and localization • Legal policies and social issues related to the information economy • Media selection and multimodality • The role of and perspectives on teaching and training within the information economy • Content management, open source software, single sourcing, and XML

Proposal Submission Process and Submission Dates

1. Send 1-2 page (250-500 word) proposals to by 15 December 2007. In your proposal, please be sure to do the following:

• State the focus/main topic of the presentation

• Provide an overview of the main points or ideas that will be covered in the presentation

• Discuss how the presentation enhances attendees’ understanding of the information economy

2. For each presenter, include a 50-100 word biosketch and a contact email address.

For conference- or proposal-related questions contact:

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