Ever yelled at a website? Stopped using a program because you could get it to work? Been frustrated because you just couldn’t get some technology or product to do what you wanted? World Usability Day is for you! World Usability Day is all about making technology work for the real users and acknowledges how far technology needs to go. The focus is, of course, on usability, user-centered design, and technology and products that work for real users doing real tasks. So, Happy World Usability Day!

-World Usability Day website (link was not working when I tried, maybe the site crashed today, which would be ironic)
-The Usability Professionals’ Association discussion of World Usability Day
-The BBC has an interesting article about usability for World Usability Day. It gives a decent basic introduction, but doesn’t, ironically, focus enough on the user aspect of usability and user-centered design.

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