If you have been checking this blog regularly you may have noticed some differences–the blog may not have been up a day or two, the header image was not showing up, and so on.  We recently moved the blog to a new hosting service and, of course, some level of chaos ensued. I was also not updating for a while, as the updates would have gotten lost in the move. Now things seem to be settled and working and I shall start posting again.

However, I am in the midst of Maymester–one full class in three intense weeks–and, it is unlikely I will have much time to post during these three weeks. Ironically, perhaps, I am teaching  Digital Rhetoric; a class on digital media design and usability. Expect this blog and podcast to really get going in early June, when the class is over.

Until then, I will post a few things from ATTW and maybe CCCC, and possibly even Computers and Writing (which is May 19-22).

Something to say?