Since my fairy door post, I’ve been trying to think of other fairy doors. Today, when I opened my iGoogle account, I was reminded of yet another. During various holidays and other special days, Google often has celebratory logos. These are great examples of fairy doors, as they give the users something unusual and different, while adding some delight. I know I always smile when I see them. These doors also fit the general friendly tone Google tries to use, and could even be argued to be another sign they are not evil (“Don’t be evil” is one of their mantras, although recent events dealing with China and other things may not fit that mantra). Today’s Halloween logo is a cute haunted house/ghost logo. Other logos can be found on their own page discussing them.

These logos are a great example of what we can do with our own work to add fairy doors—it doesn’t need to be always there or have a huge impact on our design. It can simply be something that shows up occasionally. In fact this may make it more “magical” and fairy like.

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