ATTW 2011

Title: Networks of Data, Designers, and Users: The New Visual Rhetoric of Interactive Data Visualization
Presenter: Charles J. Kostelnick, Iowa State University
Session: B.6 – Visualizing Technical Communication
Time & Location: 11:00 am – 12:15 pm, Room: M109 (Marquis Level)

Key Points and Take Aways:
Interesting look at huge data displays online including the data displays themselves, the participatory culture of the data displays, and new and old genres enacted/created online. The massive displays can lead to issues with understanding, use, and design.


  • Billions and billions of data displays generated annually
  • Technology is a factor in the proliferation
  • In online interactive data display:
    • Users not passive
    • Data sets large
    • Dynamic
    • Users have to learn how to interpret
  • Dig media redefined rhetoric by Zappen 2004:
    • Participation
    • Creative collaboration
    • Self-expression
  • Feedback: various ways to comment and tell what think—how works, and even contribute
  • Genres: conventions are socially constructed & therefore tenacious
  • New genres like mosaics, tree diagram (?), circle diagram, area chart,
  • Pathos appeals: Frowned upon in print, but common online: color, narrative, human forms, mutli-modal appeals (touch and sound), designer’s story layered into display

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