I have decided that Screen Space needs some sort of kudos award for website and other screened texts that incorporate user-centered design. My kudos award just needs a spiffy name. Until such a name occurs to me (or is suggested by a reader… [hint hint]), I’ll keep it to kudos.

I decided to check out the Google Reader  and once I had an account I was greeted by the option to “take a quick look at their tour” or “let Chris Wetherell, one of our engineers, tell you a bit about it”. I went with the later and watched a 49 second video of Chris explaining Google Reader. I was impressed. He used the email mailbox as an example. It was short, clear, and usable. Anyone who understands the very basics of receiving email in their mail program should understand Google Reader after watching this. So, kudos to Google! And, additional kudos for not using a while male in the video. It is always nice to see diversity (even if the diversity is a type of diversity common in the IT field).

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