ATTW 2011

Title: Analyzing the Interplay between Visual-verbal Rhetorical Strategies in Multimodal Documents
Presenter: Suguru Ishizaki, Carnegie Mellon University
Session: B.6 – Visualizing Technical Communication
Time & Location: Room: 11:00 am – 12:15 pm M109 (Marquis Level)

Key Points and Take Aways:
The visual and verbal elements on a page give us a master narrative/holistic sense of the text before we begin “reading” the text. These visual and verbal elements should compliment each other. The analysis and creation of these elements is good practice for our students.

This is a smart idea, and something we should have been considering previously. I suspect many of us have, at least to some degree, but without this language or concrete understanding.


  • Micropatterns: gives sense of world about to experience from text, frames mind
  • Priming theory (Kaufer… 204) gives you a frame for your experience
  • Revises and extended framework to include visuals
  • Construct sense of master narrative, holistic sense
  • Framework provides frame for “rhetorical life” of a scientific concept
  • Visual and Verbal should compliment
  • Promising metalangauge (visual and verbal) for our students

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