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One great thing about design, web design or other types of design, is that anything can be an inspiration. Even fairy doors.

Fairy Doors? Huh?

Fairy doors have been popping up in Ann Arbor, MI, starting with the Sweetwaterz Café. These are six inch tall miniature “real” doors that are for the fairies. Apparently after the first sighting of fairy doors more appeared on Main Street. “Of course, these doors have no functional purpose. They only serve to delight customers and other folks who pass by, giving them something unexpected and different.” I first heard about these fair doors on the UEI Brian Sparks blog, on which Jared Spool makes this great statement regarding fairy doors and design: “Finding ways to make our users life extend beyond the mundane is an excellent idea. It strengthen[s] the bond the users have with our designs, making them that much more interested in accomplishing their goals.”

In a later blog entry Spool mentions a fair door on flickr. Flickr uses the word “Embiggen”, which is from the Simpsons. I’ve noticed another Flickr fairy door. When users view images that are beyond the safe search filter there is a nice little button that says “take me to the kittens”. This button really works—it takes the user to a page of very cute kittens not only adding a nice escape route, but a bit of fun and cuteness.

What other fairy doors are out there in web or other designs? What fairy doors have you created?

Image © Celest Headlee NPR (NPR story on fairy doors)

4 Responses to “Adding Fairy Doors to your web (or other) design”

My entire design career has been around the development of what Jared has dubbed “fairy doors”.

Apparently Google has been infected with it as well.

~ jonathan

Thanks, Jonathan. We need more people like you, just like we need more fairy doors everywhere. The google/giggle door is cute!

Thanks, but I am pretty sure that we have plenty of people like me!

Jonathan, perhaps we do, but there are not an awful lot of fairy doors, especially in web applications.

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