This semester in both my graduate and undergraduate Electronic Writing and Publishing classes I am covering, for the first time, podcasting. As this blog shows I attended the Atlanta Podcamp and this really got me into podcasts. Since then I have become a huge fan, especially of two: Grammar Girl (great grammar tips and advice) and Escape Pod  (a weekly sci-fi magazine with short stories)

When I was at podcamp Stephen Eley, the editor and publisher of  one of my favorite podcasts (Escape Pod), offered to come talk to my classes about podcasting and I am taking him up on that. He will be talking to both my classes on 10/2 and will be doing a departmental lecture “Podcasting in Education and Publishing”.  I am quite looking forward to this. I think my students will get a lot out of another speaker, especially one so established in podcasting. We already talked about him discussing audience with my undergrads, maybe they will believe the importance more if he tells them?

For both my classes I am recommending podcasts and I am including a list of my favorite Escape Pod casts. Here is the list, with some mini-reviews.

-Impossible Dreams (EP105): Both my husband and I loved this one and we talked about it for a couple of days. The story did not start out as much for me, but I was in love by the end—especially the reason she gave. The writer obviously knows a lot about movies and this alternative history and universe jumping worked beautifully with the movie knowledge. It made me want to go see some of the great films.

-Mayfly (EP111):  The concept behind this, women only living for a week, was fascinating and I still think about this story (mostly about the concept). The mayfly lifestyle the author developed was fascinating.

-Squonk the Apprentice (EP 109): This is a fun children’s story. The narrator’s voice (in the writing, not reading) is clever and funny. This story and the other Squonk story are apparently (for good reasons) big fan favorites.

-Lust for Learning (EP 104): Okay this one is not really a favorite, but enjoyable. Plus it is about a college… a very interesting college. I listed to this right before teaching one day, which added an odd dimension to the story.

-Save Me Plz (EP 124): This is the most recent. Again, this has an interesting concept (computer games and reality), in fact main chapter walks around with a  sword while her boyfriend plays computer games, but in the end… Looping was a key concept—like in many of the current quest computer games, but it was the final loop that got to me. The female character changed once she got into the game and eventually they really switched roles and at least one line.

There are more, but this is now a huge post!

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