Comic Sans has a bad reputation in the typography community. By bad reputation I do not mean the black-leather-jacket-sunglasses-and-motorcycles bad reputation. I mean: Comic Sans is the typeface everyone loves to hate.

I’ve pointed out some few the issues with a previous post about Comic Sans. As someone who teaches typography and has something of a design background, I’ve always felt every typeface has an appropriate context. They all sends messages, and as long as we choose wisely and match the message of the typeface with what we are trying to communicate, then we are “correctly” using the typeface. I also agree some typefaces, like Comic Sans, but also like Times New Roman, Arial, and others, are overused. Comic Sans tends to be used for some ill-fitting things, but that doesn’t make Comic Sans a bad typeface. In fact, Comic Sans is a readable typeface and one of the few script faces (granted it is a mix between a sans and a script) I’d recommend ever using online.

But enough about the battle over Comic Sans. It’s time you read what Comic Sans has to say! Do note: this is a “mature” page with some swear words and adult language. But it is rather funny. So if you don’t mind a bit of adult language and want Comic Sans’ perspective, do check it out.

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