Session Title: Podcasting 102: Tools You Can Use to Get Your Podcast Up and Running By DeAnna Spencer

Written 3/17 10:45-11:30, posted later due to the need to leave so I could make a plane.

She gave us a lovely handout—I’ll try to scan or link to it (email her)

She says we can podcast for free with a phone and the right services. Her handout provides a list of options.

Places to find content:
-Forums for your subject/topic area
-Reprint articles: read for podcast
-Teleclasses: use snippets in your podcast ( is one place to try) 

-Make sure you use tags! is a good music source for podcasting. All creative commons. It does require registration as a podcasters and this can take some time. Another option:
-Postzinger will do a transcript for you or DeAnna, as a virtual assistant, will do this for you

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Thanks so much for coming! Reading your opening notes, I think we might have been sitting right next to each other during Josh’s presentation, but weren’t introduced. Next time!

Thanks Rusty. Certainly next time!

Thanks so much for the post, jbowie! I’m still recuperating so I haven’t had a chance to add my two cents to the conversation. If you provide me with your email address, I can email you a copy of the handout.

Thanks DeAnna. It is

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