Feel like being a rebel with a clue? Check out one of the top ten most banned books for 2009, as reported by the ALA.

Harry Potter didn’t make this list this year, but Ms. Meyer’s Twilight series appears for the first time on the list (maybe those conservative mothers actually read the books their daughter were reading–the last book in particular should lead to some interesting conversations between teenager and parents, and one I don’t know if I would want to have with any child of mine). Also a series I’ve not heard of, an internet girl series, TTYL; TTFN; L8R, G8R (series), by Lauren Myracle.

Of course, some of the banned books classics made the list:
4. “To Kill A Mockingbird,” Lee
6. “Catcher in the Rye,” Salinger
9. “The Color Purple,” Walker

The list is compiled from a list of 460 challenges reported to Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF). While this may seem like a lot of banned books, the OIF suggests that number is 4-5 times less than the actual number of bans. Thus, it is likely 1840-2250 bans we placed on books in 2009.

I can only hope that this works in the way being told not to do something often works. We then go out and do it. I hope the banned books make people go out and read the books. Anything to encourage more reading. I, for one plan, to check out the internet girl series by Myracle

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