One of my students sent me a link to this quiz on “which type are you.” Not only did I enjoy it from a type geek perspective, but also from a design perspective. The video quiz flows nicely, uses visual verbal rhetoric well, and has a clear personality. It is cleverly designed. I quite enjoyed the “hurry up now” prompts when I didn’t put my name in right away. The video quiz handles human responses well. Also, I was quite impressed when the guy showed me a written list of my four quiz answers. They must have spent a lot of time filming this. The expressiveness of the speaker was great, especially since the camera angle did not include his head.

So, I suggest you check this out if you are a type geek or a tech comm geek or just interested in fun quizzes and well-designed media.

If you are wondering, I am Archer hairline, which is a lovely face. I may have to get my hands on it.

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