Do you have problems selecting good typefaces for your digital media? Here are a few tips I posted a while ago (see Interested in New Microsoft Typefaces? In Screen Readability?). Since they were part of another post, I thought it may be helpful to post them seperately.

When choosing your typefaces for screen use and screen readability, you want:

  • A high x-height: The height of the lowercase letters should be at least 50% of the capital letters.
  • No radical thick/thin transitions in the strokes of the letters: Very thin lines will disappear online.
  • A clean concise typeface: Extra swirls and embellishments will likely only distract and are not good for readability even off screen. Also, they may disappear online.
  • A stroke of at least medium weight: Lighter stroked typefaces will be harder to see on screen, and like thin strokes mentioned above, may vanish.
  • A typeface with upper and lowercase letters: ALL CAPS are harder to read and should be avoided especially online.

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