I recently discovered this handy and fun color theme website: Kuler where we can “explore, create, and share color themes.” It can be used for any color design you want from blogs, websites, digital media project, even to select paint colors for your own house, as the video by Adobe states. The themes work with the Adobe suite, but can be used in any design. Color themes are tagged so you can do searches for different colors, looks, feels, and ideas. For instance, if you wanted to do a flight blog, there are 5577 (as of 12/22/09) different “sky” choices and 57 choices if you are thinking joyful. The themes are created by users and there are many many options. The themes can be browsed by highest rated, most popular, random, and newest. I enjoy looking at the highest rated.

You can also extract colors from a picture to match your design to a key image. They also provide some interesting help with creating your own themes, including analogous, complementary, monochromatic, and triad suggestions based on color theory work. There is also an active community and many of the themes have comments and feedback.

I used the site to choose colors for my two spring class websites (Document Design & Digital Rhetoric). Do let me warn you before exploring the site, I find it time consuming–I just keep looking at the themes (“one more theme and then back to work”). It’s fun, helpful, and just a bit additive! Enjoy it and let me know if you use it!

I first read about this on the Presentation Zen blog, in a post about the site.

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