Here is info on a new Tech Comm journal: Rhetoric, Professional Communication, and Globalization :

Rhetoric, Professional Communication, and Globalization

Barry Thatcher (Founder/Editor-in-Chief), New Mexico State University
Kirk St. Amant (Assistant Editor-in-Chief), East Carolina University

This Journal publishes research articles on the theory, practice, and teaching of professional communication in critical global contexts such as business, manufacturing, law, health, education, technology, environment, and others. The Journal welcomes articles with diverse rhetorical styles, types of inquiry, and contexts of research, but articles are to be submitted in English and grounded in relevant theory and appropriate empirical research methods. The Journal is peer reviewed with an editorial board consisting of experienced researchers and practitioners from over 20 countries. The Journal’s main objectives are to:

• Develop better theoretical models of global professional communication;
• Develop a variety of valid and ethical research methodologies for global professional communications;
• Improve the practice of global business and manufacturing through more effective communication;
• Improve the professional communication in critical cross-cultural and international contexts such as the environment, immigration, health, energy, economics, and human rights;
• Develop inquiries and research agendas that address the most pressing issues and challenges for communicating in the context of globalization; and
• Develop better curricula and materials for teaching global professional communication, not only in the United States and Europe, but around the world. Special attention will be given to developing nations.

The journal will be free or “open access,” using PKP open source software and housed at Eastern Carolina University. The first edition is planned for June 2010, and it will be published thereafter on a quarterly basis. We will start accepting manuscripts in late fall 2009. Watch for it online as For more information on the journal, contact Barry Thatcher ( or Kirk St. Amant (

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