How do products and services impact your world? Have you had problems opening a door, using a new program, or finding a link on a website? If so, you’ve used a product or service with usability problems. Join me for World Usability Day!

Usability is one area I focus on with this blog and podcast. I’ve even podcast on it (see Episode 10: User-Centered Design 101 (Why user-friendly is not enough) . I am not the only one who finds usability an important topic. Nor are just those of us fighting our poorly designed doors, programs, and websites. The Usability Professionals Association, not only focuses on usability, but each year sponsors World Usability Day.

World Usability Day 2009: Designing for a Sustainable World is November 12. Here is what they say about this special day and topic:

We look at all products and services, whether they are buildings, roads, consumer products, business, services or healthcare systems; throughout their life cycle. The impact focuses on – our environment, energy, water, soil, and more. Have the materials and processes that have been used been recycled and are they re-usable? Are they user and environmentally friendly? These are questions we all must consider as we design, purchase, use and dispose of products each and every day.

I have not only signed their World Usability Day charter, but am also “hosting” an online event (or will be once they send me the password info so I can log in). On World Usability Day, I will post episode 11 of the Screen Space podcast: Usability Testing 101. So, make sure you check this informative and timely episode out!

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