In this article, Anne Trubek points out something obvious, but something perhaps so oblivious most people miss it. With the advent of digital media and a rather high saturation of digital media use in the US and elsewhere, people are writing now more than ever.

As Trubek states; “What many professional writers are overlooking in these laments is that the rise of amateur writers means more people are writing and reading. We are commenting on blog posts, forwarding links and composing status updates. We are seeking out communities based on written words.”

Yes, grammar may be bad and internet speak may be used, but people are writing–emails, sms messages, instant messages, Facebook status updates, twitter, blog posts, comments to blog posts,…. As any writing teacher will tell you, becoming a good writer takes practice. Look at all this practicing we are doing!

What surprises me the most is people just do not realize how much writing is occurring. Duh. At conferences like Computers and Writing and in related scholarship, we have been discussing this for years, and then someone new “discovers” that everyone is writing. Get with it peoples! Take you eyes off the screen and hands a way from the keyboard for a minute and think about all that reading and writing you are doing. Writing teachers especially should not just be “discovering” this–as Spinuzzi discuses in his post on the National Day on Writing and similar issues.

So, yes, we are all writers now (well those who are literature and have access to technology, and so on). And it is great. Trubek makes some wonderful points. I’m glad there is so much writing. But will really be good is when everyone realizes all this writing is occurring and stops being surprised by it. Then, perhaps, we can really start doing something with this mass of writing and reading. Let’s stop noticing again and again the sky is blue, and let’s start studying and learning about the sky–atmosphere, clouds, weather, and so on. Then we will have something to write about.

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