The researchers at Edison have conducted another study looking at the Podcaster Consumer, this one for 2009. The findings are rather interesting, and I suggest you check out the full report/slides. Here are a few key points I pulled that interest me both as a podcaster and a social media researcher.

Of those in the United States:

  • only 43% have heard of podcasts
  • 22% have listened to an audio podcast
  • 18% have watched an audio or video podcast
  • 25% have listened to or watched an audio or video podcast (seems to be a lot of overlap)
  • 11% have downloaded an audio podcast in the past month
  • 9% have downloaded a video podcast in the past month

Edison shows how these numbers are growing. It surprised me more have not heard of podcasts, but soon?

Podcast listeners/watchers are:

  • 59% male/41% female
  • of many ages. Ages vary only by 10% from 12% are 55+ to 22% in the 18-24 age range (13% 12-17, 15% 45-55, 19% 35-44 and 19% 25-34). Do note the largest group has the smallest range of ages, and conversely the largest range of ages is the smallest group.
  • tend to be higher educated (21% have an advanced degree, 7% some grad study, 15% a college degree, 26% 1-3 years of college. This is 9% more with an advanced degree than non-listeners and 3% more in the other listed categories)
  • tend to have higher household incomes
  • tend to also use social networking sites: 16% more likely to use Myspace, 22% more likely to use Facebook, and so on)
  • 10% more likely to create their own online content in blogs

Little of this is surprising. The income and education reflects general online stats. Since podcasting is consider by many to be a social media, it makes sense listeners/watchers would also use social media sites. Plus this reflects the age ranges—many 18-24 year-olds use Myspace and/or Facebook. I am surprised more are not likely to blog, but perhaps this is because they are putting some of that content on their social networking sites? I also wonder how many podcast…

However, the low numbers of females is surprising. I wonder why this is. Currently there are slightly more women online. Are podcasts somehow more “male”?

The brief descriptions of the study make it sound rigorous, but it is hard to tell from how it is presented. So, while interesting, I am not sure of the rigor here. But this numbers roughly reflect what I’ve seen elsewhere. At the very least the data is shows trends and is suggestive.

To summarize: Podcast listeners/watchers tend to be more highly educated, male, wealthier, social networkers, and bloggers. They also tend to be younger, but can be found in all age ranges.

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