Consider your purpose and the purpose of your audience for a stronger website, blog, or other digital media. Start with your purpose. Why are you creating this text or media? What goals, results, ends, aims, means, or objectives are you trying to meet? Your purpose could include:
• To persuade
• To entertain
• To inform
• To educate
• To feel
• To act:
• To change your audience’s opinion
• To advise or recommend
• To share
• To seduce
• To help
• To communicate

Next, consider the purpose of your audience:
• Why do they come to your site, blog, or digital media? What are their reasons?
• What are their goals or objectives when they come to your site?
• How does your site benefit your users?
• What task or tasks are they coming to your site to complete?
• Why do they choose your site, blog, or digital media?

Once you have considered your purpose and the purpose of your audience, you can design/write your website, blog, or digital media for these purposes, making it more effective for you and your audience.

To find out more, including descriptions of these purpose areas to consider, check out: Screen Space 22: The Rhetorical Situation Part 2—Purpose and Context. You may also find the Purpose Analysis Tables helpful.

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