I just got back from the wonderful Symposium on Usability, Information Design, and Information Interaction to Communicate Complex Information. I have some posts planned covering some of the content from the Symposium.

I presented at the Symposium, combining my love of usability with my love of podcasts and podcasting: “Sound Usability: Usability heuristics and guidelines for user-centered podcasts.” I put together this page for my slides, handouts, and the example podcasts (which I did not have time to go over during the presentation). If you are interested in podcasts (especially usable podcasts), usability, or what I’ve been up to, do check out this page! If you have a podcast or if you plan to start making one, you may find this particularly helpful. I know at least a few of the audience members did. There may be a new podcast or two out there after my presentation.

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