social media propaganda posters

For those of us networking, communicating, liking, tweeting, +ing, and so on on various social media, we may feel like we are in something of a war. Which social media is winning? Which is/are winning the battle? Which are/is winning the war? Many of us have accounts on essentially dead social media (MySpace anyone?). I know several people who are waiting before joining Google+. How can we keep up? How can we (should we) keep from putting hours and hours into a social media that will soon die?

Jaime on Design Milk, put this war in proper perspective, displaying with these wonderful social media propaganda war posters (by Aaron Wood), reminiscent of the WWII posters.  They are well designed and very amusing. “Victory is Tweet,” for instance. I can’t even decide on a favorite and may buy one or two for the office walls ($8.00 on Etsy). I suggest checking out Jaime’s post and Aaron’s Esty store to see the full range (even angry birds).

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