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Use the correct, more readable, and preferred “curly” quotes in your writing. Due to first the advent of typewriters and later our good friend ASCII, the normal “curly” quotation marks of printing were turned into ambidextrous "straight" quotes. This saved two keys on typewriters (as only one is needed for the ‘single quote’ and one […]

[Podcast Transcript] Welcome to Screen Space your podcast about creating usable, accessible, effective, and efficient web, blog, and digital media design for the everyday (and non-expert) designer. This is episode 16 of Screen Space, “An Interview with Shaun Slattery on ‘Information Management Techniques for Writers.’” I am your host, Dr. Jennifer L. Bowie. I teach […]

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As I say in the Typeface of the week discussion on Arial, Microsoft added Arial in 1992 to their operating system and since the typeface has been used as a default sans serif. As such, it has the same overuse problems as Times New Roman. In addition, many typographers or typography lovers see Arial as […]

Tip of the Day: Use bulleted lists

Posted by Jennifer L. Bowie, Ph.D. on July 13th, 2011

Bulleted lists are a digital media writer’s dream. They can: present information effectively emphasize points draw the reader’s attention highlight information aid in skimming and scanning provide a nice visual break and white space show hierarchy and sequence connect items But don’t just randomly use bullets. Use them for lists. Use number lists when order […]

Tip of the Day: Use Arabic numerals for all numbers (even under 10) online

Posted by Jennifer L. Bowie, Ph.D. on June 28th, 2011

Many of us have been taught to write out in words the numbers ten and under. So 10 is “ten” and “11” is “11.” However, research has shown that numerals jump out on web pages and are easier to read—so many web writing experts suggest using numerals for all numbers including those under 10 within […]

Tip of the Day: Keep the text concise!

Posted by Jennifer L. Bowie, Ph.D. on June 23rd, 2011

This week’s theme: Best of Screen Space Podcasts Keep your writing on websites, in blogs, and in other digital media concise. A lot of research shows that people do not like to spend much time reading online and many people prefer to skim. Do make reading easy for them. Cute the amount of text down […]

The neck cramps of emoticons

Posted by Jennifer L. Bowie, Ph.D. on October 19th, 2010

The Most Banned Books of 2009

Posted by Jennifer L. Bowie, Ph.D. on April 22nd, 2010

Feel like being a rebel with a clue? Check out one of the top ten most banned books for 2009, as reported by the ALA. Harry Potter didn’t make this list this year, but Ms. Meyer’s Twilight series appears for the first time on the list (maybe those conservative mothers actually read the books their […]

Writing and Editing in Cave Times

Posted by Jennifer L. Bowie, Ph.D. on January 26th, 2010

Some things never change… ….

So everyone is an Author now?

Posted by Jennifer L. Bowie, Ph.D. on October 31st, 2009

With blogs, twitter, social networking sites, is everyone a writer or better yet, an author now? No, but according to Pelli & Bigelow in A Writing Revolution , everyone will be an author in 2013. Yes, in just four short years everyone will be an author. Get ready to read! A lot! The idea behind […]