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Tracking your 15 minutes of fame: How info is shared online

Posted by Jennifer L. Bowie, Ph.D. on January 14th, 2011

Do you ever wonder why some blog posts are so popular and others get no notice? Researchers Leskovec and Yang have wondered this and did something about it by analyzing patterns in how news stories are shared online. Their findings can help predict the rise and fall of popularity of news stories and the sharing […]

Giving a little to get a lot: Charities and Social Media

Posted by Jennifer L. Bowie, Ph.D. on November 5th, 2009

What do charities do better than fortune 500 companies? They blog more and make greater use of social networking media. Perhaps this is not too surprising, but it is interesting… According to this study by Barnes and Mattson, completed in 2008, 89% of charities (or 89% of the 200 largest charities according to used […]

FTC Testimonial Rules for Bloggers & “Word of Mouth” Marketers

Posted by Jennifer L. Bowie, Ph.D. on October 12th, 2009

If you blog, podcast, or otherwise provide endorsements or testimonials of free products you received for this word of mouth marketing, you could be sued $11,00 for not disclosing this connection. According to a 10/05 Press Release by the Federal Trade Commission, the rules for bloggers and others who use “word of mouth” marketing have […]

Why Twitter is good and why we should tweet more

Posted by Jennifer L. Bowie, Ph.D. on April 27th, 2009

As a researcher interested in social networking media, web 2.0, and all that jazz, and also as an “avid” twitter user, I am drawn to discussions of Twitter and social networking. I quite enjoyed reading this post on Twitter and why people with interesting things to say should tweet more. Techsophist, the author of this […]

Kairos Awards: Teaching, blogs, webtexts, oh my!

Posted by Jennifer L. Bowie, Ph.D. on March 4th, 2008

For those working with writing and technology, don’t miss the Kairos awards: Citing the announcement in Kaiorsnews: Kairos: Rhetoric, Technology, Pedagogy requests nominations for its three annual awards, which will be presented at the 2008 Computers and Writing Conference in Athens, Georgia. For complete information about all awards and a list of past winners, please […]

Blogging Fem Rhet 2007

Posted by Jennifer L. Bowie, Ph.D. on October 18th, 2007

I attended Feminism(s) and Rhetoric(s) in Little Rock Arkansas from October 4-6 and I took notes on some of the sessions I attended. Over the next few days I will be putting these notes up here. They are only notes and in most cases just a list of points I took away. The presentations were […]

Welcome to the new Screen Space

Posted by Jennifer L. Bowie, Ph.D. on September 20th, 2007

Welcome to the new Screen Space domain! Screen Space is back and has this new home. Expect regular posts and… in the next few weeks I will even start a Screen Space podcast! So, add me to your feed reader and let me know what you think. Note: I’m having issues with a few links […]

Podcasting 102 (podcamp Atlanta)

Posted by Jennifer L. Bowie, Ph.D. on March 20th, 2007

Session Title: Podcasting 102: Tools You Can Use to Get Your Podcast Up and Running By DeAnna Spencer   Written 3/17 10:45-11:30, posted later due to the need to leave so I could make a plane. She gave us a lovely handout—I’ll try to scan or link to it (email her) She says we […]

Blog Idea: Cool People I Know

Posted by Jennifer L. Bowie, Ph.D. on March 18th, 2007

In my undergrad Electronic Writing and Editing (website this semester) one of the things we discuss are ideas for blog posts, since coming up with ideas can be hard. Stephanie Roberts, at Podcamp Atltanta 2007, told me about her personal blog “Cool People I Know”. This is a great idea for a blog and the […]

Podcasting 101 (podcamp Atlanta)

Posted by Jennifer L. Bowie, Ph.D. on March 17th, 2007

Session title: Podcasting 101: Or, How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Syndication by Stephen Eley of Escape Pod, Pseudopod, and Podholes Note: the notes here may be very close or exactly the same as to the text on the slides -Podcast: one or more media files distributed over the internet using syndicated feeds […]