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Podcasting in the Music Classroom?

Posted by Jennifer L. Bowie, Ph.D. on January 18th, 2011

I’ve done a fair amount of research on podcasting in the writing classroom (I have a forthcoming article in Kairos about it, for instance). Through empirical research, student comments and feedback, and my own observations, there is a lot of value to incorporating podcasting into the writing classroom (see this PodPoster I did, for instance). […]

Tracking your 15 minutes of fame: How info is shared online

Posted by Jennifer L. Bowie, Ph.D. on January 14th, 2011

Do you ever wonder why some blog posts are so popular and others get no notice? Researchers Leskovec and Yang have wondered this and did something about it by analyzing patterns in how news stories are shared online. Their findings can help predict the rise and fall of popularity of news stories and the sharing […]

CFP Computers & Writing 2011: Writing in Motion

Posted by Jennifer L. Bowie, Ph.D. on October 16th, 2010

The CFP, copied below: Writing in Motion: Traversing Public/Private Spaces Call for Program Proposals Proposals due November 15, 2010 Invitations sent by January 31, 2011 Writing is in motion as never before: students text one another on the go and around the clock; colleagues and friends use wikis to brainstorm and to co-author important documents; […]

Carnal Constructions in Online Dating Communities Collette Caton, Syracuse University Intro video, but had to stop since the noise was playing next door. Talked about why graduate students would use the site. Romance, Religion, and the Writing of Identity in Online Dating T J Geiger, Syracuse University Flattens faith along with other identity categories. OkCupid’s […]

C&W 2010 D5.1: DIY, Reproductive Technology, and Girl Writing (?)

Posted by Jennifer L. Bowie, Ph.D. on May 23rd, 2010

Crafting Power: Writing and the Online D.I.Y. Movement Antonia Massa-MacLeod, University of Wisconsin Madison Sadly missed the first part. An analysis of Etsy. Many people on Etsy are learning techniques bring people together, creating a rhetoric. DIY rhetoric includes support, substantially, and connections. DIY rhetoric is overall good, but promotes economic citizenship, dividing people into […]

C&W 2010 B8.1: Internet as Savior and Ethos in Online Community

Posted by Jennifer L. Bowie, Ph.D. on May 21st, 2010

Great session. Informative, thought provoking, and even emotional. It’s Not Just Piracy, Porn, Pedophilia, or Power; Or, How the Internet Saved My Family Marc C. Santos, University of South Florida Touching and informative mix of personal and academic where he talks about how social media use saved is daughter’s life. Nice to see good stories […]

Viacom: “fair use works for us”

Posted by Jennifer L. Bowie, Ph.D. on March 8th, 2010

In this interesting follow-up story by ARS, Viacom, owners of Comedy Central, support the fair use of video clips by bloggers. In an earlier report by Hollywood Reporter, it appeared Viacom was going to go after bloggers who posted slips of the Daily Show or Colbert Report. But this was wrong. According to Jeremy Zweig […]

Giving a little to get a lot: Charities and Social Media

Posted by Jennifer L. Bowie, Ph.D. on November 5th, 2009

What do charities do better than fortune 500 companies? They blog more and make greater use of social networking media. Perhaps this is not too surprising, but it is interesting… According to this study by Barnes and Mattson, completed in 2008, 89% of charities (or 89% of the 200 largest charities according to used […]

So everyone is an Author now?

Posted by Jennifer L. Bowie, Ph.D. on October 31st, 2009

With blogs, twitter, social networking sites, is everyone a writer or better yet, an author now? No, but according to Pelli & Bigelow in A Writing Revolution , everyone will be an author in 2013. Yes, in just four short years everyone will be an author. Get ready to read! A lot! The idea behind […]

FTC Testimonial Rules for Bloggers & “Word of Mouth” Marketers

Posted by Jennifer L. Bowie, Ph.D. on October 12th, 2009

If you blog, podcast, or otherwise provide endorsements or testimonials of free products you received for this word of mouth marketing, you could be sued $11,00 for not disclosing this connection. According to a 10/05 Press Release by the Federal Trade Commission, the rules for bloggers and others who use “word of mouth” marketing have […]