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The Internet Archive ( has huge collections of media and cultural artifacts available for access and use by “researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public” and of course web designers, bloggers, and media designers. Justin Lewis briefly discussed and recommended the Internet Archive in in Screen Space 15: An interview with Justin Lewis on “Copyleft, […]

Viacom: “fair use works for us”

Posted by Jennifer L. Bowie, Ph.D. on March 8th, 2010

In this interesting follow-up story by ARS, Viacom, owners of Comedy Central, support the fair use of video clips by bloggers. In an earlier report by Hollywood Reporter, it appeared Viacom was going to go after bloggers who posted slips of the Daily Show or Colbert Report. But this was wrong. According to Jeremy Zweig […]

Unaware copyright infringement equals less Money to the RIAA

Posted by Jennifer L. Bowie, Ph.D. on August 25th, 2008

Copyright issues are particularly important to consider when constructing websites, developing a blog, or creating new media. Copyright comes into play in interesting ways online and it is an issue I have been meaning to go into more in this blog. I’ll even do a podcast episode or two on it. For many people copyright […]

Cosmo’s “Shameless Money-Saving Trick”: Fair Use or Piracy?

Posted by Jennifer L. Bowie, Ph.D. on July 31st, 2008

Cosmo apparently supports music piracy! Or it is fair use? Thanks to Podcasting News for posting about this Cosmos suggestion of asking friends to burn you a CD of music you’ll like (and returning the favor) because “Having new tunes is ideal, but shelling out the cash to buy said music hurts.” The Podcasting News […]